Murders, white supremacy, ethno-religious groups and more. North Dakota has some intense stories that would make great Hollywood movies. 

Movies are supposed to create emotion. That's exactly what these events created in North Dakota. There was sadness, anger, surprise and fear. These events look like something you'd see in the box office, not the great state of North Dakota.

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    Craig Cobb in Leith

    Who could forget White Supremacist Craig Cobb's attempted takeover of Leith? Cobb's skewed and offensive beliefs along with the bravery of the small town would make a great movie.

    Although this was made into an awesome documentary, 'Welcome to Leith,' it would be very interesting as a full blown film.

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    Wolf Family Murders

    This murder is one of the most brutal in North Dakota history and is the perfect set up for a horror film.

    In 1920, Jacob Wolf, his wife, 5 children and the family chore boy were all found murdered on the Wolf farm. The only survivor was his nine-month old daughter. A neighbor was convicted of the crime and even confessed, but many believe he was innocent and confessed out of fear.

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    Hutterites in North Dakota

    The Hutterites are a denomination of Anabaptist Christians descended directly from the Radical Reformation of the 16th century.

    A group known as 'The Nine' wrote a book to tell their story of leaving the Hutterite colonies. A film would help bring the struggles of leaving their family and culture behind to life.

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    Dru Sjodin

    The Dru Sjodin murder was so shocking and heartbreaking, you would hope that a movie screen would be the only place it could happen. Unfortunately, this horror story is true.

    Sjodin was abducted from a Grand Forks mall on November 22nd, 2003. An investigation led police to Minnesota sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr. Rodriguez was arrested and 5 months later, Sjodin's body was found beaten, sexually abused and stabbed. Rodriguez was sentenced to death.

  • 5

    Hazel Miner

    Honestly, when I first heard this story, I thought it was a movie. Hazel Miner is known as the teenage girl who sacrificed her life to save her brother and sister.

    On March 15th, 1920, a large snowstorm hit North Dakota. Hazel's father arrived at their school, located 5 miles outside of Center, with a horse and sled to bring them home. He went to get something and the horse took off. It wasn't long before the children disappeared into the winter storm. After 15 hours, one of the search parties found them. Hazel was found dead, on top of the other two children to keep them warm. She saved her siblings' lives. The most tragic part? The children passed within 200 feet of their home.

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