Yes, kids, that's how low it's expecting to get tonight and early Friday morning.

Bismarck Public schools, Light of Christ Catholic schools and the University of Mary are all expected to start classes on a 2-hour delay.

According to the National weather service, there is a frostbite warning and a wind chill warning for tonight and tomorrow. Temperatures falling as low as 50 degrees below zero are expected in the overnight and the extreme weather is expected to continue through the weekend.

We really haven't had a long winter per se but I guess this one isn't going to go away quietly. If only the cold knew about the groundhog!

Unexposed skin is sure to get frost bit within 10 minutes of exposure so it would be a good idea to cover up.

It would also be a good idea not to drive if you don't have to due to the blowing snow that is expected as well.

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