Well, here it is, a glorious long three day weekend coming up, Memorial Day weekend. The first part of summer kicking in. This year, of course, some things have changed, just a tad. The month of March dragged by longer than a Grateful Dead song. Now that you're easing out of your house, and back into life, 96-5 The Fox has a present for you. We call it "The Memorial Day 500 Countdown". The fun starts this Friday at noon, and it doesn't stop until Monday at 7:00 pm. We aim to hit you hard with all your favorites and for sure some surprises along the way. When you think about the LONG list of rock giants, it's almost impossible to guess what band will be number one on the list. Let's see, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Tom Petty and well a group that BARELY made it - The Beatles!

Here is an idea you can try with your buddies, you get three picks each, of your favorite songs ( or groups ), then kick back and see whose choices faired the best on our "Memorial Day Countdown". I can almost guarantee that you'll hear some real gems and a "song or two" that you will disagree on, That's what this list is about. The main beauty of this weekend is soaking in some sun and some good old fashioned classic rock - AND for all of us to honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving in the U.S.military. Stay safe and have fun with Bismarck/Mandan's Classic Rock Station's "Memorial Day 500 Countdown" - Top 500 Classic Rock Songs of all time!


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