The holiday giving spirit is on full display in the Bismarck-Mandan area!

Starting yesterday and continuing till Friday (11/9), we at the Townsquare media group are supporting Cash wise in an event called 96 Hours of Caring. It's a food donation drive that benefits the United Way and will be dispersed to the following local charities:

  • Ministry on the Margins
  • Aid Inc.
  • The Banquet
  • Charles Hall Youth Services

After broadcasting live at Cash wise today, I saw a huge outpouring of support from the local community, so much that it makes me proud to live here.

The great thing about how we are doing this is that you can donate an actual bag of groceries to a needy family or a food item, and of course, a cash donation that we are collecting on site that will go for groceries to a needy family.

Some of the stories I heard today are from people not too far removed from the in-need situation themselves and the empathy they have for those that need help because of that.

It is so cool to have that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.


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