If you're into car shows this event might be for you. 

This Saturday from 9 am to three pm the 9th annual Rods and Rock show is happening out in Carson on the Stewart Ranch.

It's a great time to check out tricked out cars, pickups and antique tractors (yes, antique tractors) as well as motorcycles.

There are things called the burnout contest which is happening at 12 pm as well as food, beer and music. We'll be out there broadcasting live from 11am-2pm, and having a really fun time.

Everyone I spoke to about this event that has been there in the past tells me how much of a party it is. Its part of the Grant County fair but its own event at the same time.

I'm going to be going there to broadcast for the Fox this weekend, so I can't wait to see what this adventure has in store for me.  Also if you're planning to come down, just remember it's in the Mountain Time zone. 

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