This Saturday -The 8th Annual "Toys, Comics, Cards, & More"

I can't think of anything more perfect than taking your whole family to this FREE event - OR come alone. The Bismarck Eagles Club over at 313 N 26th Street is where this awesome show will be - From 9 am until 4 pm - you will see vendors displaying their talents and true love. You'll find some of the Bismarck Larks mascots there as well. Remember now FREE ADMISSION. 

A Proud poppa so-to-speak - Cody Heinert

Cody will be among all his friends - hobbyists, and collectors. He will get to share all of his past experiences of meeting wonderful people, and watching all the families with HUGE smiles on their faces. You see, Cody is in his element - his happy place. Seeing everyone come together and share their passion is an amazing thing. Say "Hi" to him when you see Cody, and let him know that this labor of love will never go unnoticed.


10 Excellent Photos On WHY You Need To Be At The Bismarck Eagles Club THIS Saturday



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