A couple of days ago, Ultimate Classic Rock put together a list of the 92 best Led Zeppelin songs. While it was good to see 92 Zeppelin songs in a blog, I must admit, the list was a little too predictable. So I put out my own list. 

Here are the criteria for this different Zeppelin list:

  • Zeppelin is a Blues band so songs on this list must be "bluesed" up ( meaning be very bluesy).
  • They were also very creative so the songs on this list must be innovative in musical style.
  • I'm also going to throw a curveball and suggest that there is a melodic first aspect to their songs.

5. D'yer Maker: Courtesy of Youtube 

This was a B-side from the Houses of the Holy album along with another song Called the Crunge.  The song was a mix between reggae and 50's doo-wop. Pretty innovative. Critics at the time hated it, Now, of course, you hear it everywhere. 

This track off Led Zeppelin III is their foray into the Folk Rock genre which is so unbelievable and melodic. Just think if Metallica tried to do this how they would be panned so hard but it just works for Jimmy Page and Company. John Paul Jones was rocking the Mandolin for this one. 

3. Moby Dick: Courtesy of Youtube 

This song was off led Zeppelin II and it showcases John Bonham. It evolved from a drum solo called"Pats Delight" and John actually would draw blood sometimes from playing the snare and tom-toms.  It has a good melody and lets the drums come forward and be the lead on this one. Still has that Zeppelin Blues guitar though, that will make you drink a bottle of whiskey in 10 minutes. Very Creative. 

2: How many more times: Courtesy of Youtube 

The longest track on their debut album was made up from little pieces taken from when Jimmy Page was with the Yardbirds. Again has that blues and almost ominous feel to it. Rolling Stone named this song to be the most representative cut of Led Zeppelin I.

1. In the Evening: Courtesy of Youtube 

This track off "In through the Outdoor" was a great example of how their experiments turned out awesome. On this one, they used synths and the result was a true contrast of melody and power.  Again, blues was present as well as the ominous big sound that Zeppelin has always been known for. 

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