A couple of days ago, our very own B-FISH put out this blog about our local youth-Check this out, click here..I loved the reactions, and some of the ideas from our community, to have our kiddos entertained, educated, and filled with positive, possible obtions. I racked my brain, for anything I could remember from my youth, that I was involved in ( besides being a lousy flute player in 6th grade ), that I could suggest.

Then part two, and a wonderful story popped up. I was just talking about this the other day, I've always been amazed by the chilly sport of ice fishing. Once again, it hasn't sunk in just right to me ( since I'm from California ), that freezing around a small hole, with the anticipation of catching a fish popsickle, would be fun. My never ending debate is, do those tiny little tents people sit in, really keep you from ending up like Jack? You know, Jack's final frozen pose in the movie THE SHINING?

The glorious part I mentioned earlier in my blog-is right here.


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