A wonderful restaurant in Mandan is leaving us, no need to worry though, the Rice Bowl is simply taking their business across the street. The last 20 plus years, this tasty eatery has filled us with great service and delicious food above the Mandan Morton Public Library, now due to the expansion this summer of the library, Rice Bowl owner Sherry Zhuang will be be moving into their own digs.

Their new look will feature more of a modern look to it, Zhuang and staff will set up across the street in a stand-alone building. The Rice Bowl's new address will be 107 4th Avenue North West in Mandan.

Their is a lot to be said about a restaurant that's been around for 20 years, good food, good service, taking care of their customers like they are special, and the Rice Bowl has been part of Zhuang and her families lives for quite some time. Check out more on this story right here.

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