Ahhh the wonders of life, enjoying our younger years of playing "Hide and go seek" on an endless summer night, walking into high school on your very first day, graduation, college, then you marry your childhood sweetheart, a couple of kids, your own house with a yard and a picket fence - The great American dream. Sounds perfect. Joshua and Megan Hulen from Surrey, North Dakota, and their two boys 7-year-old Jacob and 2-year-old Matthew were a textbook, happy family. One mutual thought was that it would be nice to extend the family, hoping for a baby girl. They got their wish and SO much more.

September 2nd of this year, an event happened that is extremely rare, as a matter of fact, the odds are ONE in 43 MILLION -  Chloe, Adam, Emma, Allison, and Madison were born! That's your amazing quintuplets! Yes sir, Joshua, and Megan received their baby girl and then some. KX News reported that the doctors were just as astonished as the happy parents about the likelihood of five babies all at once “They’re not viable, or one or two vanish, or those types of things happen,” Megan explained. “And so we thought, ‘OK, there’s not going to be five. There’s going to be two, three, or something. We went back after a week and there were five heartbeats.”

Think about this, in one quick swoop, you go from a family of four to NOW a baseball team - NINE. They are now in the market for a larger home, as you can fully understand that. Everyone is doing well, but their grocery list has expanded JUST a little - we can all help with that, this Sunday from 2-4 pm in Surrey, they are asking anyone who can pitch in with donations to stop by 14 Harmony Blvd. Any kind of help from either diapers, clothes, bottles, or even gift cards would be huge! One last incredible fact to this story, Specialists in Fargo have told the couple that their "Amazing Five" ( quints ) are the first in North Dakota. For more on this story click here



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