I saw this viral story and the very first thing I thought of was - So many people will be able to relate to this - BIG TIME. One of the things we all can relate is going in for a job interview. Some people may set up interviews all day long, there they go, armed with a resume and positive thoughts - however, sometimes it's not a perfect fit. Whether they have someone else in mind, or you just had a bad interview and you fail to get hired, it happens. It's unfortunate, but it's a part of life. For about 99% of us, job interviews can be highly stressful. One such young lady 21-year-old Kayallah Jones had a special day she'll probably never forget. After trying for months to land a job - COVID-19 a big part in disrupting her life and even driving her homeless for a bit - She walked into a job interview at a Sports Bar and Grill in Decatur, Georgia on a day that would change her life.

The manager - Dakara Spence—was so impressed by the young woman, her charm and personality, that she wanted to hire her on the spot, but needed to get the "Ok" from her boss. This is where the story becomes so wonderful - walking out to her car, having just nailed her interview, by just being herself, Kayallah stopped in her tracks, looked both ways, then let fly a 5 second "Victory" dance. Unbeknownst to Miss Jones, a security camera captured the whole glorious moment. Her very soon to be new boss witnessed the footage, was so enthralled by her innocence and elation, she went ahead and sent the CCTV footage on her Instagram. As you can imagine it skyrocketed into the viral skies. It has amassed 1.2 million likes on Spence's Instagram and has been viewed a staggering 20 million times. Since then, both the boss and her new hire have been on Ellen and have captured smiles from people all over the country. For all the worries in this world, the endless fight against the virus, political drama, and just random hate from those people that are miserable in their own skin, the video in this story is something that WILL bring a smile to your face, and don't we all need that?


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