What a scary trip ...

Here's a list of things NOT to do when you decide to ride a 9-mile trail at Harmon Lake:

  • Wear Flip flops
  • Have a street bike not a mountain bike
  • Go late in the day
  • Unless you are a skilled mountain biker... just don't.

Yep you guessed it I checked all of the boxes except the last one and I was caught in the middle of a very difficult trail bruised and barefoot. The 3rd spill I took had my flip flops flying to who knows where. So I was in the middle of the trail 5 miles to go walking my bike barefoot... OUCH!

Thanks to Heather, her husband Justin and the guy has only known in my phone as the dude who saved me, I would still be out there and probably food for a rattlesnake by now...WHEW!

The Dude who saved me gave me socks which helped out a lot and Justin gave me his shoes so I could finish following Heather.

Thank God for these great good Samaritans.  This city slicker will now just admire "North Dakota outdoors" people because I'm definitely not at that level.



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