As we go through summer's busy Film season, a really good argument can be made that substance usually found in compelling films is moving to the small screen  as big studios chase the money grab of superhero films,

According to a compelling article from, More and more A-list actors are showing up at the Emmys this year due to the emergence of stellar programming from great networks like HBO, Showtime and of course Netflix.

Now that article was from last year, but since then, Martin Scorsese signed on to release his next mob film "the Irishman" ON Netflix after he didn't get the budget he wanted from his studio.

Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Robert Deniro, and Russel Crowe to name a few have starred or co-starred in Netflix movies. Then there's HBO with the widely popular series West world or Game of Thrones. Not to mention Showtime's Breaking Bad, Homeland, Weeds, the list goes on.

While there is demand for the superhero film or the latest Pixar offering, not to mention that franchise sequel, it seems that the studios chasing the dollar are slowly losing the money part of their audience to a medium that is transported across digital platforms.

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