I have a question for you when your cell phone rings and it's from a number you don't recognize - do you answer? I would guess most people don't, for fear of talking to yet another scam artist out there - hey at least bill collectors identify themselves so YOU know exactly who they are. The crooked thieves strive to reach the elderly, police say they are more prone to fall for false information. Simple facts will help, like for instance, the IRS tells us they will NEVER call you, so if some clown with an awful accent tells you that he or she is from the Internal Revenue Service and you need to head to Walmart and buy a money card immediately within 24 hours and send it them at a P.O Box address. Gee okay, I'll get right on that.

Scam artists are all over the place and Fargo Police are doing their part to help educate us - some important words of advice they put on their Facebook page is right on the money, they relayed some vital information and a warning from the Federal Trade Commission. Like I said before, NEVER wire them money, send gift cards OR give out your password for any reason. A good rule of thumb is to do some investigating of your own, go to their official website if they even have one. Here is something I was unaware of - if you have just recently slipped and given out more personal information than you should, head to IdentityTheft.gov for a free, personal recovery plan and even more advice on how to be more safe and guarded. For even more on this and who to contact click here.



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