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Thanksgiving is almost here, so here are some unique Turkey recipes that can be awesome. 

I used the website to shed some light on the subject. So here we go!

First up, the Bacon Wrapped turkey.

 Bacon Wrapped Turkey. Adding bacon to turkey might seem strange, but it is actually a great idea. Laying the bacon strips over the breast will keep the skin from cooking too quickly, and it will baste the meat with extra fat.The only problem with this recipe is that the skin won’t get brown and crispy. But you’ll have bacon instead, so that’s a fair trade.

Here's the recipe from Chowhound 

Why it's cool:  BACON!!  The extra fat would add a really unique flavor for the bird and the Pear cider gravy just sounds interesting.  After talking to my chef brother, he says it cuts the overbearing bacon flavor well.

Here's another one: The Turducken

 Turducken. We can’t talk about cool Thanksgiving dishes without mentioning the famous turducken. It seems gross and just a trend, but this dish can be traced back hundreds of years. Impress and shock your friends by making this monster for Thanksgiving. Ask your butcher to debone the birds to make your life easier. This dish takes many hours to cook properly so plan accordingly.

Here's the recipe from the

Why it's cool: Dude it's a chicken in a duck in a turkey with sausage stuffing.  The flavor is off the charts, nevermind the 10 hours of cooking the thing or having everything deboned, this baby is worth the wait.

So there's two with more to come. Remember creativity does not have to end at work, you can also bring it to Thanksgiving dinner. It's always good to change things up every once in a while. 

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