My trip out to Prairie Knights last Friday afternoon was spent unwinding from a busy week, my trip BACK was GLORIOUS

I'll tell you why, besides all the amazing people at Prairie Knights like Sid Carry Moccasin and Chuck Murphy, and the rest of their staff, I came across some wonderful folks with hearts of gold. After talking with them for about 20 minutes I found out that George Thorogood himself had arranged to have a nonprofit organization group brought out to the casino lobby - to raise money for cancer. His wife Marla passed away back in 2019 from Ovarian cancer.

Say hello to Glenda, Ron, Lorie, Bruce, Lois, Juana, and Neva - these awesome people are from Community Kicking cancer


For ( small towns ) rural people who have to drive a distance for treatment

Community Kicking Cancer is a Nonprofit Organization, Federal Tax Exempt and deductible. Their goal is to raise money to provide cash cards and homemade comfort blankets for rural people that to travel and deal with cancer that are receiving Chemotherapy and or radiation treatments. This group started back in 2016. This organization is open to anyone and everyone that wants to participate in raising money for people in need, in our rural communities.

Here are some rural areas this group has helped out:

Hettinger, Mott, Regent, New England, Bentley, Scranton, Bowman, Buffalo, Reeder, Lodepole, Carson, Glen Ullin, Flasher, Raleigh, Shields, Porcupine, Selfridge, Fort Yates, Cannonball, Solen, Fort Rice, St. Anthony, McIntosh, McLaughlin, Walker, Keldron, Lemmon, Eagle Butte, Timber Lake, Kenel, Bullhead, Mobridge, Wakpala, Watauga, Haynes, Shadehill, Rhame, Taylor, Bucyrus, Faith, Morristown.

Here are some memories that this group left us from Friday night:

Community Kicking Cancer Facebook

If you know of someone in a rural area in need of help, please contact:

Glenda 701-422-3784

Lorie    701-827-4201

Arlene 701-567-2700

Juana 701-663-8471

My trip home from Prairie Knights was GLORIOUS... mind was filled with good thoughts about people from Prairie, a superstar like George Thorogood opening his heart, and the wonderful Community Kicking Cancer Nonprofit Organization. 

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