The colors! COLORS!!! This weekend will pry be the PEAK for North Dakota's fall showcase of colors. As the temps have dipped drastically in the last couple of days, the trees will be as brilliant as one can imagine! As a result, if planning a road trip or hike has been on your list before the first snow, wait no longer.

Beat The Breeze

Let's be real, with wind energy and wind farms on many horizons; one would think that North Dakota was the windy capital or nicknamed as such versus "Chicago the Windy City." HOWEVER, the Roughrider State is in the Top 5 Windiest States; so with the colors looking vibrant... One still must not put off the trek ANY LONGER. These leaves, thou pretty, are delicate and a 30 mph gust will have them long gone.

Where To View

There are MANY many locations throughout the state, at times you'll hear folks say that this is a "plains" state... but remember... Almost anywhere there is water... there will more than likely be colorful trees. From the miles of trails along the scenic Missouri River to the smaller dams and ponds to venturing further up into Sakakawea Country; one only has to keep their eyes open and let the landscape speak to you.

Scenic Trails Of North Dakota

Drive, Bike, Hike... Just Do Not Stay Inside!

Always Aware

We hope you do enjoy all that this beautiful autumn season has to offer. Enjoy the breath of fresh air before the scarves, mittens, and stocking hats are a must. Feel that sun on the cheeks and take in the golden hues and burnt reds! As you do, remember to keep your eyes peeled and ears listening; the rattlesnakes are moving as they prepare for winter!

North Dakota's Most Venomous Killer Is Out

They Will Strike First!

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