Here is this years list.

One of the things we do not have a shortage of in town here is bars. So with all the choices available, our friends at yelp decided to put together a list of the 10 best bars in town.

Number 10: Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse: So many people say this is a terrible place yet they are all there every week. Bottom line, there is only one packed club on the weekends in Bismarck and it's Bucks.

Number 9: Stadium Sports bar:  Like sports, they got you, like a conversation, they got you. This bar is very versatile and really fun during bar golf. If you feel you need less noise, just walk to the lodge section and you're good.

Number 8 : Craftcade: New bar concept in town that is taking a page out of the east coast craft beer book ( or at least that's where I saw it ).  Craft beer and retro arcade games. Don't forget the creative bar menu. I can see this bar moving up the list next year.

Number 7: Elbow room: TV's everywhere, bartenders that are fast and efficient ... Wow, what a concept! This spot is always packed and does not disappoint. Plus they have a Buck Hunter game.

Number 6: Anima Cucina: Looking for a nice espresso and wine bar to entertain your ladyfriend? You just found one.

Number 5: Blarney Stone Pub: English Breakfast at an Irish bar???  Yes, and it's good too. One of the best brunches in Bismarck and it helps that they pour a good Guinness as well.

Number 4: Humpback Sallys: Salted Caramel Bacon Popcorn and Cowboy Mac and Cheese. Nuff said. This place is a midwest answer to a tapas joint. Take her here and she'll be impressed.

Number 3 : Roundhouse: Whiskey on the wall and 20 taps of craft beer. If you think that's all they need, you're wrong because they also have a killer menu. Hot Italian beef .... what is that veal?

Number 2: Luft Rooftop Beer Garden: Mixology, rooftop view of the city, community table seating.  I'm surprised they don't have a House Dj spinning up there.

Number 1: Laughing Sun Brewery: The hipster spot in Bismarck is not pretentious. In fact, it's the opposite. This inviting new space has more seating, a full stage for jam bands and of course lots of taps to choose from.


There it is ... Let the debate begin! 




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