It's always great to hear raw talent. Here's a pretty big contender from North Dakota. The site Thrillist just did a best 50 undiscovered comedians special where they spotlighted one up and coming Comedian/Comedienne in each state. Here's the one we got for North Dakota:

Shes from Fargo and her name is Amber Preston. Here's what she thinks of her home state:

"VERY flat. And also very cold. And filled with wonderful people! If you're ever in Horace, ND, stop and visit my folks. If you're lucky my mother will have her famous sauerkraut and noodles on the stovetop, and kuchen in the oven for dessert."

Her comedy is very dry and depends a lot on audience participation. She has a lot of the self-deprecating material that some comedians use but I think it works for her.

Personally, I like her wit, its a mix between LA Hipster and Midwest phrasing.

If you're into comedy like I am, check out the full list of 50 up and comers here.

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