I am from San Diego, California, which is obvious by the San Diego Padre hat I wear daily. I'm not a North Dakota rookie though. I have experienced the wonders of black ice, I figured out quickly that it's pretty darn nice to have a remote starter. I've also come to love "North Dakota Nice" - that is about as accurate a phrase can be. You run out of gas out here, and within four minutes you'll have 50 people stop and offer you assistance, not to mention 50 offers of dinner at their house. I can tell you another thing, I have not one clue about bikes, I have ridden on one, like when I was 12 and on the backseat of a dirtbike, I do know this from experience, bikers will come out to pretty much any event that displays their love for the community - For instance, our Townsquare Media radio stations here in Mandan put together "Caravan Of Caring" back in March, to show our support for hospital workers, and WOW, riders from pretty much every motorcycle club in town showed up in force. That is the kind of admiration and respect that bikers possess that I'm really looking forward to being around.

The most important part about tonight is to appreciate one another, to have a good time checking out all the cool bikes, register to win some great prizes, not to mention the GRAND prize ( which will be given away at the end of the Bike Night season ) of a Bike Trailor From Extreme Sales on the strip next to Rough Rider Harley - a value of about $4,500! See you out there at Sickies Garage!

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