165 bikes were on full display for the next to last Bike Night of the season.

There were gazes, there were questions and some bikers actually brought tape measures out to Sickies Garage in North Bismarck in anticipation of next weeks Bike night Finale and the Extreme Trailer sales giveaway.  Yeah, it was a beautiful night weather-wise and the event was rocking. Bike night this summer was definitely a memorable experience. One biker thinks they can get 3 bikes in the trailer if he won, a biker chick though had a different vision. " I want to make it she -shed, " the unnamed biker girl said.  Outside of the trailer, there will be so many other prizes to win including Bike of the Year and huge prize packs from each of the sponsors.

Here's what we learned this week:

  • We learned that Hat Girl from Sickies doesn't have a twin, there's just a similar-looking girl
  • I learned what a pull tab is.
  • In the area of trivia, there is a bevy of music knowledge in the Country music genre.
  • Bike of the year is going to be a massive competition.

There's one more event to go, here are the photos from last night: 

Bike Night Episode 13




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