It was a tremendous Bike night finale this year ... With close to 300 bikes in attendance!

Fun and crazy is how you would describe Wednesday night at Sickies in North Bismarck . There was a Hammershlagen tournament sponsored by Bud Light, there was the bike of the year drama and the winner of the trailer almost wasn't a winner. Yes, soo many twists and turns were happening during the main prize giveaways.

Many thanks to the North Dakota Bike Community for making this weekly event as big as it is each and every summer.

Here's what we learned:

  • The Stradinger family has a lock on winning things, and they did not disappoint yesterday.
  • Close to 300 bikes is by far the most in the history of bike night
  • The Harley Davidson  2020 models are serious machines ... you can log onto our Bike night Facebook page to see the rundown of the crazy features they have.
  • Indian Motorcycle of Bismarck and Mandan took the time to tease two new bike models that are coming to town in September.
  • With all the bikers, alcohol and competition, there was absolutely no issues or fights all summer long which further proves the overall stereotype of bike events wrong. These events are all about love and Bikes!

Here's the Trailer drawing

Here are the photos: 

Lots of people
Lots of people

Bike Night Finale Photos

Official Winners Circle of prizes below: 

The Bike Night Winners Circle 2019

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