There are two things in this world I will NEVER be able to do

When I say "Never", I mean I know that....(A) I will NEVER be able to stand up and ice skate for at least 30 seconds...AND B) I could NEVER be a play-by-play announcer in hockey. I have been working in radio for 30 years, and as much experience as I have been lucky to have earned, there is no way I would even think about calling a hockey game.

We are fortunate enough to have some extremely young talented hockey players on the Bismarck Bobcats.

They are in 2nd place and are heading into the season's crucial stretch run. Bobcats have also enjoyed some real "on-air" talents - with the likes of Cory Berberian, Patrick Geshan, and now Bryan Flores. Patrick was the voice of the Cats for this current season - he just recently accepted a new position in baseball. so the Bobcats had some time to search a talent pool of other announcers around the country.

California Man lands his feet here in North Dakota

To tell you the determination of this likable guy, Brian got a call from Tom Brigl ( proud owner of the Bobcats ) while he was in Manhattan - "Brian when can you get here?" - next thing you know Bryan was In Bismarck, North Dakota. West Covina, California is where Bryan is from. His dad was a medic in the Army and his mom is a nurse, his parents have played a huge role in his career, as they both took turns manning a camera while he called a Long Beach Shredders ( USPHL - United States Premiere Hockey League ).

His enthusiasm and energy is addicting

Bryan told me that his enthusiasm comes easy when he is working - although "It's tough to sound excited when the Shredders is getting beat 24-0" - as always my favorite question of anyone I'm interviewing is- "Bryan what do you love most about your job?" - and his answer was swift - "Helping people - I was honored to being part of the Special Olympics on ESPN"        Bryan's credential is deep:

Play-by-play announcer at ESPN
Sportscaster and Broadcast Producer at CIH Media
Sportscaster and Broadcast Producer at Long Beach Shredders
Studied Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting bachelor's at Full Sail University
The split second I became a Bryan Flores man
I asked him a ton of questions, but the split second I became a Bryan Flores fan was his reply when I asked him how he became motivated to become a play-by-play announcer in THE hardest sports to call - "My dad and I took my Aunt to a Vegas Golden Knights Game - her eyesight is impaired, and her vision is extremely blurry - so right there at our seats I did a play-by-play for her - she was so excited the whole game"    THAT is the skills of what is called "Theater of the mind" - when you can paint a picture of what is happening - the speed of the game, the temperature of the arena, the excitement of the crowd"  Welcome to Bismarck Bryan, we are lucky to have you!

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