I have to tell you that this is my favorite time of year, without a doubt. No, it's not because we just had a time change, and it stays lighter later. No, it's not because the Major League Baseball season has begun (no more spring training), I LOVE March Madness. College basketball's showcase of excitement - big-time. Last year COVID-19 robbed us of the great tradition of filling out our brackets before the tournament, and then slowly pulling our hair out as the upsets began, and "sure-fire picks" became shattered. The beauty of this awesome NCAA competition is when WE, as in North Dakotans can root for someone we have followed closely for years.

According to KFYRTV  Lauren Ware steps onto the court tonight, she will be the first North Dakotan to play in the NCAA Final Four since Valley City’s Jeff Boschee in 2002 as a starting guard for the Kansas Jayhawks. Wow, how about that? THE Final Four!

This talented lady is just a freshman, she played her high school ball at Century, and just to go on further how gifted she is, her coach Ron Metz had this to say "She did not have a senior season with the injury she had so she goes off to college and her first year she’s contributing huge to a three seed in the NCAA women’s tournament". 

Tonight (Friday) - The National Semi-Finals kick-off - Ware and her Arizona Wildcats will face GOLIATH - TheU-Conn Huskies (Their 12th-straight Final Four).

Gulp. This what makes College basketball so special - A stage is set for a possible upset!



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