Last night I was having a little brainstorming session with myself ( taking a dip and going for a drive ). Then I saw this:

I was cruising along Bismarck Expressway last night and I came upon this Compound on the left side of the road and wondered what it was.

My first reaction is that there is a prison near where I live? Is it like a maximum security prison or like one of those club fed federal prisons. I saw that crazy movie "Shot Caller" the other day which made me think it might be one of those prisons which would probably bring the neighborhood value down.

For a second I thought it might be a military base because they too have shotgun towers and barbed wire. That would make the most sense due to the fact there is a ton of military in this area and the area was somewhat rural.

It's probably a prison though and judging by the look of it it might be a new one ...  I guess I'll do some more detective work. 

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