One of my favorite movies of all time is Miracle -  The 2004 film based on the amazing true story of the 1980 U.S. men's Olympic hockey team. The David vs Goliath theme. An underdog takes down the heavily favorite overpowering Soviet machine. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is right before the two teams squared off, the real footage of broadcaster Al Michaels looking straight at the camera and delivering this "For people who don't know the difference between a blue line and a clothesline, it's irrelevant" To this present day, I have always felt that classic line from him was directed right at me. You see my dad and I had no clue how the game of hockey was played, we just knew the basics, to slam a puck past the goalie into the net. The United States 4-3 win that day was magical, they went on to capture the gold medal - those dramatic games on television were the first and last time we watched hockey.

Last night at the VFW Sports Center, I saw my FIRST game ever, in person. I felt the chill of the rink, experienced something way faster than what I expected. The Bismarck High Demons taking on the Dickinson High Midgets. Watching the teams skate on both sides, before the start, brought back a flood of memories of my dad and me. Looking around at the crowd, I saw myself as a teenager, excited to be rooting for my school. Families were there in clusters, the spirit was in the air from both teams. The slashing sounds from the skates gliding through the ice was soothing. The energy was electric. I had the greatest seat of all, up in the stands where our sister station SuperTalk 1270 radio team sat. Rob Meltzer and Rick Acker providing play-by-play coverage. Here is why last night's game paralleled my father and me - Bismarck High Junior Hunter Acker picked up an assist on the game's first score - his father Rick described number 8's moves to those listening on the radio - Again Michaels iconic "For people who don't know the difference between a blue line and a clothesline, it's irrelevant" echoed in my head. The radio audience no doubt felt the excitement.

I walked about a mile home last night, my dad up in heaven telling me not to fall on the icy sidewalks.



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