There are so many things we take for granted as we get up and head to work five days a week. The roads from the winter snowfall the night before have been cleared as best they can, for our safety. Bismarck/Mandan police out and patrolling the streets, AND of course first responders. the men and women who silently lay in wait, on-call 24 hours, to be on-site for any emergency. Check this out, there are so many things that they do behind the scenes that 99% of us have no clue of - according to Bismarck’s firefighters perform challenging and rewarding work in preventing, combating, and extinguishing fires, responding to EMS incidents, training, operating and maintaining equipment. The work involves the duties of protecting life and property through the performance of firefighting and rescue activities. That's just a peek at what they do. Coming up soon, MORE challenges coming!

  KXNET reported that for the first time in the last 21 years, the Firefighter Combat Challenge will be coming to Bismarck. This is part of the 30th Anniversary National Tour. The Bismarck Event Center in July will hold the two-day event that will bring in first responders from all over the country - the competition is referred to some as "the toughest two minutes in sports". We (the public) will be blown away by watching the five-course obstacle event, and we (the city of Bismarck) will hope to score this event again in the future. Make sure you mark your calendar for the challenge and be there to support our very own!



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