It was the beginning of the weekend and oh how it began !


Being new in town has it's perks, every time you go out  becomes a new experience. My experience on Friday night was one that I feel compelled to share with you. It' wasn't one of those nights where I woke up in a hotel room bath tub of ice...missing kidneys( whew),  it was on this night I saw the competitive spirit of North Dakota.

I met a coworker at Sidelines Sports bar for some pregame action. Nice space ! The great thing was that it was packed for the Bismarck Bucks game we were about to see.  After a couple of beers we headed into the Bismarck arena to see my first Arena Football game.

I'll be honest though the only time I remember there was an arena football league was when I saw Kurt Warner's a football life on the NFL Network . What I saw that night though was Domination! They smoked Kansas City in every way possible to the point that I left at halftime to a 33-7 beat down ( the final was 67-30). I also heard of the history of NDSU football and how other big conferences are afraid to play them , so I can't wait for that season to start.

What I got out of the experience though is that we here in Bismarck -Mandan like to have a good time but we also like our sports teams ... all of them. Oh by the way , They're actually really good!

The difference though between this town and other's I've lived in is that in other places the town loves their teams when they win and they hate their teams when they lose. Here I see a different dynamic , I see a city that is proud of their sports teams and athletes  and is very supportive of them much like a parent would be. What a breath of fresh air.

I can't wait to see what next Friday will bring.

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