They are out there, so here are some tips on how to interact with them when they pull you over. 

As someone that has been pulled over 15 times since I moved here, I feel I have a decent sample size on how to interact with cops. It also helps that I have a brother, 2 cousins and 3 uncles on the force or retired back east. So here are some tips to get them on their way.

  1. When pulled over, roll down the window make your hands visible as the cop is approaching your car. This allows them to relax and stand down. Normally when pulling over a car there is an air of danger that they are expecting when they come up to the driver door. By doing that, you take the gun out of their hands ( literally).
  2. Be polite even if they're not. Most cops are cool, some aren't though. They can be the version of the jarhead, talking down to you or insight you to do something. Don't fall for it. Killing them with kindness will make it even harder for a tool to mess with you.
  3. When asked for licence and registration, slowly take out the envelope of cash .... KIDDING 
  4. If you have a PBA card, hand it in with the license. Remember it's a 50% per cent chance that it would work so don't get all confident when you hand the card out. I've had Mandan cops laugh at me when they saw my PBA card. Don't make it change your demeanor.
  5. Be calm. that shows your innocence and it calms them down as well. Remember, cops have to deal with all kinds of crazy stuff all night so if you don't give them any clue that this not is a routine stop they will be on their way.
  6. Profiling is just another way to minimize the damage. I've been pulled over and had my car tossed just because I was in a bad neighborhood at 2 am. I'm white but found out later that a guy with a similar description did a hit an hour earlier in the neighborhood. It made me feel better. The cops are just doing their job.

Hopefully, these tips will help. If you have family on the force in town, I'm sure there are North Dakota specific things to watch out for as well.

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