KFYR TV has the story of a Bismarck student that came to the January 25th meeting of the Bismarck School Board and told the tale of a fellow student who had objected to some clothing worn by another student that displayed confederate imagery.  It's described in the story as a confederate hoodie.  The story went on to explain how confederate hoodie girl's group of friends confronted the objecting student the next day.  Making her feel unsafe at school.  What I'm picturing the scene looked like...

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North Dakota's on the far north side of the Mason/Dixon line so I'm not sure we can assume it's a group of kids feeling that student had upset their southern pride. The Charlie Daniels Band has a song titled The South's Gonna Do It (Again). The song's lyrics aren't about Southern folks pulling up a chair to watch Atlanta burn (again).  It's a song about the incredible high quality musicians throughout the region.  So just because something or someone is Southern, doesn't mean they have to be associated with the confederacy during the Civil War.

But the imagery of the confederate flag is actually pretty darn confederate and connected to the whole fight for the right to keep slaves. But that's ancient history yes? Not really, the Civil War only ended 156 years ago and shoot my girl Brenda's grandma Betty is 103 years old and still kickin'.

But back to the student that bravely presented her position.  How'd that work out?

In response, Superintendent Jason Hornbacher updated the student dress code policies, prohibiting all displays of inappropriate content.  “When items on display can be reasonably forecast to either materially disrupt the educational environment or infringe upon the rights of other students to access and participate in a safe and welcome educational environment they will be prohibited,” said Hornbacher.

Don't say it's an issue of free speech.  I give up my right to free speech every time I have to put on pants before walking outside.  Doesn't make me persecuted. Here's a bit of free speech for ya...

The Allman Brothers Band is way better than Lynyrd Skynyrd!

I'll meet you Skyn-heads in the comment section!

(actually I'll probably just leave y'all to it...just like that time that one guy was going to meet everyone at the Capital.)

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