Christmas season has started, sure has. Even before that last slice of pumpkin pie was served, preparations are already underway - lights on houses, trees, neighborhoods already a glow for December 25th. We survived turkey day just fine, now we all focus on the best deals we can get on merchandise. The hottest thing going this earth has ever seen - PlayStation 5 - is selling for triple the price on eBay. Come one, come all if you have $1,200 to fork over - YIKES. The coronavirus can't stop our thirst for what's the coolest, the sleekest, the newest shopping craze. The traditional "Max out your credit cards, and worry about it later" - that's the American way, right?

There is a Bismarck elementary teacher that is silently teaching her students the true meaning of Christmas. KFYRTV reported that Lyndsey Hoffer, a third-grade teacher at Bismarck’s Centennial Elementary is keeping her tradition alive. She breaks out her decorations - these aren't any ordinary glittery bulbs, they are beautiful in every way. After ten years of teaching, Lyndsey has all 213 of her students on a separate x-mas ball for each. These are memories of special moments that shine bright every season. She started this way back in Minot, in her first year. “My first year of teaching my mom came to help me with a Christmas project" That same year, her mom also started this tradition. She secretly had each of Hoffer’s students paint their fingerprints on this Christmas ball. She came back to Hoffer’s classroom the next year and did it again.  - "They bring back so many great memories as well as tears and joys that Christmas brings. It helps put things into perspective what really matters - These kids need to know they have someone that really cares about them.”

Her mom passed away in her third year of teaching - she keeps her Christmas balls at home simply because they bring to her touching moments of each and every student, and her mom - that taught her the true meaning of life.

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