The reality of our world right now is so strange. The days of meeting someone, and shaking their hands is taboo. What seemed so natural to do, out of respect, is now considered a "safe practice". The coronavirus has stormed in, and has completely altered our working environments, entertainment venues, and completely ended our social skills. The idea of retreating from crowds ( more than ten ), and staying holed up in our homes, is what we are all facing. The economy getting sucker-punched, businesses suffering, schools closed, it's all an ongoing nightmare.

The job of a school teacher is so important, to pass on education, to guide children to chase their dreams, to embrace each and every student's personality. Now that school has been interrupted ( for who knows how long ), There are teachers in our city that have "stepped up" their creative skills, and better yet, have "stepped on" their gas pedals. Check out this wonderful story-click here.

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