The crossroad to someone's life is not easy when they approach it, especially those who are battling addiction. The easy route to take is to continue drinking or using, even though your life is in shambles, the thought of attempting to get sober is impossible. 34-year-old Samantha Sailer is a normal young lady from Dickinson, brought up by an average caring family, but like so many others growing up and facing peer pressure and trying to find out who she was as a person, the demons took over. According to KXNET Samantha revealed how her whole world changed “The moment I got into heroin, I was obviously very addicted to it. I wanted more and needed more. From that point forward I started lying, stealing, selling whatever I had to do to get that drug.” 

Her story is like millions who were introduced to booze or drugs, and before they know it they find themselves trapped in a life of hell. Samantha spent time in jail while living in Iowa. She eventually knew that she needed help. The turning point for most, is when we reach rock bottom, sadly that means death for many, but Sailer moved back to live with her parents, and for the first time realized the wreckage she had caused. In 2018 she made the best decision of her life and went to treatment in Florida for 63 days. Today she is lliving a glorious sober life, and is doing whatever she can to give back. The rewards of sobriety are endless, service work is a major part of recovery, and she has thrown herself into helping those that may be on the fence, someone who is at that pivotal part of their life where they WANT to stop, but don't know how - Samantha Sailer is a perfect role model to emulate


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