We are slowly crawling back to normal, and I'll take it. What an awesome feeling to be out and about, sitting at a High School game, or having your favorite restaurant open its doors again. The year 2020 will be forever remembered as when the coronavirus snuck in and caused death, havoc, and complete devastation of our economy. Now that Governor Burgum has lowered North Dakota's statewide risk level from moderate yellow to a green low level - we are seeing more activity, more seating inside, and what perfect timing - here in Bismarck several restaurants are about ready to make their arrival known ( click here to check it out ).

SO Bismarck and Mandan, how about we adopt this as our very own - valleynewslive.com just recently reported that people who live in the City of West Fargo will be given an awesome treat soon in their mailbox. A city spokesperson said every household is getting a $25 gift card for any business in city limits. The goal is to help boost residents and businesses that are struggling during the pandemic. 

Where are they getting this money to be able to do this? Melissa Richard, City of West Fargo Communications Director had this answer “The money is coming from COVID-19 cares funding relief funds so this isn’t money that we’re drawing from property taxes or sales tax or things like it. It’s money that’s been set aside to provide relief.”

What a fantastic idea, right? Makes absolutely perfect sense to share the funds and allow the community a chance to come back to restaurants in the area. I say we adopt this!!! Check out more on this story by clicking here.


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