So you bought a pontoon. Everyone you know would like you to take them out at least once this summer. What does it take to get an invite?  How about a second invite?

I imagine being alone putting around on your pontoon can get kinda dull, kinda quick.  Even it's just you and your "life partner", you may have run out of interesting things to talk about.  So what you very well may need is a "Pontoon Buddy!"  A pontoon buddy is someone that can either spend the whole day with you, or you can just pick them up at a dock along the way, and dump 'em back on the shore when you're done with them.

I've had the pleasure of being a pontoon buddy a time or two.  It's good work if you can get it.  You don't make the payments, buy the gas, pay for repairs, or store it for the winter.  Odds are they won't even make you drive- and why would you want to?  Nope the pontoon buddy is either just taking up space or hopefully adding to the experience. My first Bismarck/Mandan pontoon buddy was a co-workers girlfriend who had a boat.  We hit the river a couple of times and seemed like we all had a good time until- they broke up.  In the ensuing "friend custody battle" I lost my buddy status in the divorce.

Last summer, a family member referred my girl Brenda and I as potential pontoon buddies to a friend of hers.  We went out a couple times and seemed to enjoy each others company and had a pretty nice time out splashing around.

But this year with temperatures over a hundred, there's been no word from last summer's pontoon buddy. Could just be a busy year for her. I ain't gonna take it personal. Or should I?

What I'd like to hear from all y'all pontoon people- what makes a good pontoon buddy?

Maybe even more importantly- what makes for a poor pontoon pal?

Enlighten us so we can all become better buddies!

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