A while ago I told you all about Evan Baker, he was the first contestant ever from North Dakota to be on Food Network's Worst Cook In America. Bismarck's very own was among 13 others in hopes of winning the $25,000 cash prize, and maybe gain entry into his own kitchen again. His wife had submitted him after yet another failed attempt to cook dinner. Evan was pretty nervous being around such culinary superstars like Alex Guarnaschelli and Anne Burrell. The first episode landed nicely on Father's Day. His real-life profession - working at the University of Mary - wasn't threatened for one second. The goal, however, was to make it until August 2nd - the finale of the show. Then he would knock everyone's sock off by preparing a three-course restaurant-quality meal for three esteemed judges.

Well, his run finally ended, after surprising even himself, he lasted until week 4. When his journey began, Evan wasn't confident he would make it past the first week, but when he surpassed that, his confidence grew. He started studying the other 12 sloppy cooks, and thoughts of "making it past week 5 or 6" started to look promising. Some of his few highlights, he was selected to be one of Chef Anne Burrell’s rocking red stars. The true experts of any competition will tell you to "Pay attention to every detail" - The dagger that slew Bismarck's kitchen hero was forgetting to add salt to his sausage. Yep, just some simple granules did him in. Congratulation though to Evan, his did us proud, NOW maybe his wife will let him cook her dinner - I mean Top Ramen ONLY needs hot water, RIGHT? For more on this appetizing story click here.


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