Contrary to popular belief, North Dakota has a lot of gorgeous architecture, including the Heritage Center, which Thrillist has named the state's most beautiful building.

The North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum was built in 1981 on the North Dakota State Capitol grounds and underwent an expansion in 2014, according to Wikipedia.

The Heritage Center includes collections like the State Archives and artifacts from North Dakota's rich history.

Here's what Thrillist had to say about picking the Heritage Center as North Dakota's most beautiful building:

After getting a facelift and expansion in 2014, the North Dakota Heritage Center is ready to take the Roughrider State into the 21st century. The glass-cube atrium and simple geometric forms contain an additional 97,000ft of space for items of North Dakota heritage. Like that bitchin’ mastodon in the Corridor of History.

Some of the other buildings in North Dakota that Thrillist could have picked as the state's most beautiful include the original Governor's House in Bismarck and the Fargo Theatre.

You can see the buildings Thrillist picked for the other 49 states HERE.

You can also learn more about the Heritage Center and the State Historical Society of North Dakota HERE.

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