Late-night television has always been my favorite without a doubt. Think about the stars that have entertained us - legendary Johnny Carson was the host of The Tonight Show for 30 fantastic years (1962--1992). With his sidekick Ed McMahon, it was a perfect combination - Carson was and Still is referred to as "The King". Now David Letterman is MY personal favorite, he started out doing radio back in 1965 at Ball State, which only lasted a week. When he was a weatherman in the early '70s in his native town of Indianapolis, his quirky, wacky sense of humor gave out reports that were quite different, such as describing "Hail the size of canned hams" - genius. Dave went on to achieve a huge audience with NBC, then CBS. He took some time off, and now has a show that runs on Netflix "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman".

I now get a huge kick out of Jimmy Kimmel, and his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!' - another late-night talk show that currently airs on ABC. He has that same sarcastic wit that Letterman has - that's what appeals to me the most. When you have a high-powered guest on, and you can get them to talk about something other than themselves, that's the true challenge. One of Kimmel's staple bits is 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' - it's impossible for me to watch without laughing my rear-end off. The brilliant part is the "Celebrity" themself reading a NOT-SO-NICE Tweet addressed to them personally, and watching their reaction and listening to a response. So I thought I would take a couple of minutes to answer a few Bismarck Tweets from people here in town.



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