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I am a single guy who rarely has a full refrigerator, NOT because I'm lazy, but I never know what I'll be hungry for every night. I have my usual stores I like to go to, and my normal boring routine it seems that I follow. I don't take too much time to shop, because I pretty much know where everything is and what I'll end up purchasing. Pretty dull I know. That all will change now that I have found an excellent new grocery store.

A brand new grocery store here in Bismarck opened its doors to the public on October 30th

Little Odessa opened its doors to Bismarck literally days ago, on the 30th of October. Located at 231 West Broadway, their hours are 5:30 pm - 8:oo pm every night. The beauty of this store is a gift to us, as Mirbela ( the owner ) has brought her flair for an international Eastern European store. With such products from such places as Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, and other countries. This is obviously a "One of a kind" grocery store here in town.

"I'm thrilled to have met so many people that have ties to where I'm from"

Mirabela, and her husband, and her son have been living out in North Dakota for about 9 years. She is from Moldova, and one day the idea came to her to open up a grocery store here in Bismarck. Her goal was to introduce North Dakotans to her culture with such foods as dairy, sweets, deli items, all from different countries. I talked to her on the phone this morning and I could hear the genuine excitement in her voice as she talked about what it's been like since Litte Odessa opened. "I'm thrilled to have met so many people that have ties to where I'm from. Makes me very happy" The response from Bismarck so far, even happier.

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