Today is Friday, a day we all love to embrace after a long week at work. But today was a special Friday for some amazing people who embarked this morning at 8:00 for a 'Ride For Recovery'.

Laramie, Wyoming is the destination

His name is Rob Keller, he is the guide of the North Dakota Adult & Teen Challenge. This is near and dear to my heart for it involves hope, recovery, and turning your life around. The "Road To Recovery" is long and winding, it's not easy. Many can take the "wrong turn" and easily slip back into alcohol and drugs. Addiction wants us dead, that's the most elegant way of putting it. Rob will take everyone involved in this 3,500-mile motorcycle trip and fill it with leadership and faith.

No longer do you have to give up on yourself

The darkness that we may have been in at one point in our lives is something I hope as a recovering alcoholic (12 years sober) that I NEVER forget - For once I do, and take life for granted, then it's only a matter of time before I pick up a drink again.

A glorious way of life

With Rob's help and direction, through the wonderful scenery - the riders will come to appreciate clear minds and see for themselves that God is always riding shotgun. With the help from all the sponsors that back this motivating event, this is the time for all involved to see just how powerful HOPE is. The sun comes up with a brand new day of living life without the demons that easily can destroy us. Happy sober trails!






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