In a tight intense game on the road, Bison survive. 

You don't see a lot of these games. In fact, the last time you saw a game like this was the last time these two teams met. In the fourth quarter it was 4th and inches and the Bison confident in their run game decided to go for it. The result was a touchdown, momentum and a win.

While the Bison kept it on the ground most of the game, SD state aired it out a little until Jbore Gibbs got knocked out of the game. Eventually, the Jackrabbits had to go to their third QB and in the end, it was too much for them.

Here's what the press had to say: 

Lee Corso grabbed the mascot head of Thundar, turned to thousands gathered on the College Green plaza on the South Dakota State campus and declared picking the winner of the Jackrabbit and North Dakota State football game was about family. The bison that carries his last name is hanging out these days at a zoo.

And that’s what you had in the fourth quarter at Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium. A zoo. A slobber knocker. If ESPN’s “College GameDay” was all about showcasing NCAA Division I FCS football, then NDSU’s 23-16 win over the Jackrabbits before a record crowd of 19,371 more than qualified.

This was a playoff game in the regular season. Nobody left early. Bison players probably looked up at the crowd midway in the fourth quarter and wondered why everybody was still there.

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