The Western Illinois Leathernecks were no match for the Bison. In another easy blowout, In another easy blowout, the Bison took care of the 1-8 Western Illinois Leathernecks in a game that wasn't as close as it looked.

57-21 was the final but in reality, the 2nd and 3rd teamers got some much-needed reps at the end of the third and 4th quarter.  That's going to be very helpful as they play two somewhat competitive ( on paper ) teams coming down the stretch with South Dakota and Southern Illinois.

It was great to see freshman blue-chippers like "The Bus" Get some touches and touchdowns.

Here's what they're saying in Fargo: 

Ladies and gentlemen, “The Bus” was in the house.

True freshman running back Jalen Bussey’s first two carries will be legendary some day. He went 65 yards for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter. Later, after returning a kickoff 50 yards and almost taking that the distance, he scored on the next play — a 45-yard run.

“We were going crazy,” said Bison receiver Christian Watson. “We’re always happy when our young guys get to go out there and get the ball. Bussey really took advantage of his opportunities today.”

True that. Two carries, 110 yards. Add the kickoff return and it was 160 yards on his first three touches.

“It’s something you dream about as a kid, being able to play college football,” said Bussey, from Brandon, Fla. “It’s very rare and a blessing to be able to do that.”

Bussey is 5-foot-5 and 153 pounds. For the record, he does not carry the nickname “The Bus.”

“I’m not sure, that’s a pretty big name to follow after Jerome Bettis and everything,” Bussey said. “Everybody calls me Bussey, Jalen Bussey.”


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