Man, if there was ever a time that I wished North Dakota had an NFL team. 

Bud light has announced that the winning City of the Superbowl will get a  free Bud Light per person. They mentioned Los Angeles, but I'm told it's the winning team's city. Talk about a contrast!  You got Los Angeles which is very health conscious and not really into beer and New England which is completely the opposite of that.

Here's the promotion officially:

The Anheuser-Busch brand first announced it would be “brewing up enough for the city that wins the Super Bowl” on Jan. 13, ahead of the NFL conference championships.

The destination was pared down to two on Sunday when the Rams emerged victorious in the NFC and the New England Patriots won the AFC title for a third consecutive year.

After the games concluded, the company tweeted to both teams: “You bring the Super Bowl. We bring the beer.”

Nuff said.

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