How many times have you been invited over for dinner, say at a buddy's house, your all having a blast out in the backyard on a warm summer evening, and everything is perfect, right? Wrong. The so-called "Master of the Grill" has just butchered and wrecked your dinner. What started out as a future hamburger is now a sizzling over-cooked dull mess. One of the cardinal rules is to NEVER try and take the tongs away from a flailing chef. So the ONLY thing you can do is peck away at the futile attempt of a burger cooked medium-rare, and focus in on the store-bought potato salad. This scenario probably played out a thousand times over the Memorial Day weekend.

This is a perfect time now to re-group, politely refuse the offer to come over again this weekend, and take this article and e-mail it to your pal. The art of cooking sure doesn't seem that hard when you watch it on television. They sprinkle this and a touch of that, and the masterpiece comes out the way it should be. Easy peasy! Not so fast, here are ten things you can try at home to produce better results. There is no way you are going to invade someone else's post and take over unless they surrender. Here is a better idea, IF there is an another disaster at chef boy-you-blew-it-again-ardee's yard, Just give Food Dudes a call. That's why they are there - super-heroes in Bismarck. Again, check out the article 10 common mistakes people make when cooking burgers by clicking here.


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