¨Have you ever jumped out of a plane? The thrill for some that parachute is beyond me. My fear is obvious, heights. They say if you can conquer your worst nightmares head-on, then you are DEFINITELY living life to it's fullest. Ok one more question for you, have you ever walked out on to a stage in front of a crowd? There are those that say that's the ultimate high, even more so than jumping out of a plane 13,000 feet. Well, I'm not offering you sky-diving lessons, but here in Bismarck, you may have the opportunity to explore your "performing in front of a live audience" phobia at the LUFT - a cool retractable glass rooftop bar on Main Street. Owners Rick and Anne Becker have had an open mic in the past and are hoping to make it a weekly thing this summer. Their idea is to explore local talent in front of a friendly crowd. I love this. I remember the nerves in my stomach before speaking in front of the classroom, some may never get over those stagefright days. Also, most open mic nights are never as terrifying as America's Got Talent - The television show that for a while used to feast on those poor souls that got shredded by a cynical cranky Simon Cowell.

Lastly, Luft has a cool way of easing people in to test their fears and to perform, at their speed and ability. They just finished an open mic night this past Wednesday, for any future events give them a look on Facebook.


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