Now, this is why they pull people over a lot. 

The Burleigh county sheriffs department hit the jackpot yesterday in a routine traffic stop. They picked up 123 grams of meth 43 grams of heroin and 4,000 in cash. Even though it was rainy on Saturday, law enforcement did not take a day off and it worked out for them.

As someone who gets pulled over a great deal in this town, it's easy to blame law enforcement for harassment. The reality is they are just doing their job and hoping that one of their stops lead to busts like this. Drugs, illegal guns, human trafficking, they are all out there and if Law enforcement couldn't do their job properly, it would be difficult to pull that stuff off the street.

It was a big score for them, so if you see a member of the sheriff's department, thank them for what they do. That might get you out of a ticket.


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