I came across this post earlier today, on Facebook, on the Bismarck People Reporting News Group page. Some opinions stated about motorcycles and cars and how people handle certain situations here in town. His name is Elijah Craig, and he took the time to make some very intelligent comments that were not negative or hurtful to anybody. It's exactly what we need more of, positive feedback and not vicious attacks towards others. His topic was about caution, and how some people need to be more careful, let me give you part of what he wrote:

When at a stop sign or light, give plenty of room between you and the motorcycle (2 car lengths is very nice). If you get rear-ended and you are close to us, we don’t fair as well as car will when you are pushed forward. Many times we end up in the hospital with a totaled bike because of it.
Also, when you see someone with 3-4 car lengths between them and a motorcycle…they are called a “blocker” and they are doing that for the safety of the motorcycle, not to leave room for you to cut in between.
                            Of course, people wrote back saying that there were several things that some riders do that are "dangerous and provoke accidents" - like weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed. Elijah agreed and responded to those that called out the over-aggressive as a "cager". He also made a perfect point of ending his post with this -  if we all try to show more respect for each other on the road…maybe we can see fewer motorcycle/vehicle accidents this year. This was a smart couple of paragraphs that were written with thought and care.
                         With Elijah's post, and for those that had the opportunity to have read it and let his words absorb in - There is one thing we all hope for - that ALL of us will be much safer SHARING the roads in BisMan.


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