After hackers posted a terror threat directed at movie theaters showing James Franco and Seth Rogen's comedy 'The Interview', Carmike Cinemas has decided that they will not be showing the film.

Carmike operates 276 theaters across the country, including one right here in Bismarck. They are the first movie theater chain to cancel the nationwide Christmas Day release of 'The Interview', according to TheWrap.

TheWrap also stated that, because many of Carmike's theaters are inside shopping malls, the landlords pressured the chain to halt the premiere:

The majority of the busiest theaters are in shopping malls, and the landlords of those sites put pressure on the theaters to drop the film, according to insiders familiar with the discussions. With the holiday shopping season in full swing, several major mall owners voiced concerns that fears of trouble or a heightened security presence could keep shoppers away.

The stars of 'The Interview', James Franco and Seth Rogen, have also canceled all of their press appearances leading up to the film's release, according to Variety.

There is no word yet on whether or not Bismarck's other movie theater, Grand Theaters, will be showing the film.