It was a division foe and the Eagles took care of business.

Philidelphia Eagles kept pace with the overrated Dallas Cowboys by riding Carson Wentz's 3 touchdown performance and Miles Sanders 122 yards on the ground to beat the Washington Redskins today.

The game was far from boring and featured a back and forth 4th quarter that we have come to expect from the Eagles in 2019.

All season long Carson Wentz has been getting kicked in the teeth from the Philly fans  so it is finally good to hear something positive out of them

Here's what Bleeding Green Nation had to say:

 - Carson Wentz clutch status: confirmed

There was (rightfully) a lot of talk about Wentz being #CLUTCH after he helped lead the Eagles to an overtime win against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Wentz followed up that performance with another comeback effort where he stepped up when it mattered most.

Down three points with 4:52 left in the fourth quarter, Wentz led the Eagles on a game-winning touchdown drive that was capped off by a Greg Ward touchdown. Altogether, Wentz completed all eight of his attempts for 68 yards and the score.

One can argue the Eagles wouldn’t have needed these drives from Wentz if he had played better earlier in the past two games. And that’s not totally untrue, which is why giving so much weight to the “clutch” moniker can be silly. Wentz didn’t get credit for being clutch when the Eagles were flat out dominating opponents in 2017. If only he had played worse, maybe he would’ve earned that positive reputation!

I bring all this up not to discredit Wentz as much as to push back on the value of the clutch label. It was previously said that guys like Nick Foles and Dak Prescott were clutch and Wentz didn’t have the same ability in him. Well, if that was ever your argument, it’s clearly wrong.

Wentz has stepped up when the Eagles have needed him most over the past two weeks. He’s kept the Eagles’ playoff hopes alive:

Next stop ... The Cowgirls!

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