It was a tough loss against the Dallas Cowboys.

Carson Wentz was 22-32 for 228 and 3 touchdowns. Not bad but not enough to get the comeback win.

It's weird to say things like "if the kicker made the extra point earlier in the game the outcome would've been different" but that could've been a true statement for this game.

Carson led the Eagles to a game-tying TD with 1:15 left in the game and the defense stopped Dallas from making the game-winning field goal.

Once overtime came though, things changed.

The Cowboys methodically came down the field almost taking up the entire quarter, then capitalized on a tipped ball to Amari Cooper to score the winning TD.

It was a hard fought game that probably decided the division.

Now Dallas at 8-5  is at least two games up on each team so it looks like they are going to win it barring a collapse in the next 3 games.

It's been a trying year for Carson Wentz and The Eagles, filled with many obstacles. It looks like tonight was one obstacle too many.


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